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Almost 5 or 6 years ago, I went to India to meet my family. I was on my way home, stuck in traffic, waiting for the light to go green. A kid touched my hand, I looked at him and he asked for some money. He said he was hungry. I never gave him anything and told him to go away. Till that time I always believed that we should not be encouraging the beggary. When he turned to go I noticed a tear in his eye and a big infection at the back of his head, or it was a wound, I don’t remember. My cab driver tried to give him some money but he just left without saying anything. I felt really bad. This incident still haunts me to date, even after 6 years. I can never forget that. Since then I’ve been thinking of raising some money or doing something for these kids, but have not been able to do it. This year I got a chance to raise some money for kids through Children in Need charity. I did a photoshoot of some friends and colleagues to raise some money. It was great fun. Everyone just enjoyed it and we all had a great time. A big thank you to all my friends who took part and helped raise a little bit of money.  If you are reading this post, please support the charities who work with children. I will.

Here are some pictures I love from the day.

Rolly Pelovangu - January 8, 2012 - 1:15 pm

Great photos Nitin and the lighting as well is superb.

Feel really nice seeing them and would recommend you to anybody. I especially like the photos of Daisy, of Rhys and Joanne together, Rasheed in addition, Charmaine looks great too.

Thanks N


I had my mouth open wide as soon as I entered this restaurant. This restaurant is so beautiful. The interior is absolutely stunning. The door at the entrance is very old and is the one of those doors which were found in old havelis or palaces in India. The centre piece in the restaurant is a 400 year old wooden elephant. I just loved this elephant. Its in quiet a few of my pictures. The restaurant has a show kitchen where all the chefs can be seen cooking your food. You can probably go and interact with them. Food no doubt is great. Chef Cyrus is a genius when it comes to good food.  The flavours in his food are fantastic. After the photoshoot, I sat down to have the tasting menu. There are two tasting menus. One tasting menu is around 5 courses and the other one is unlimited number of courses. You can have as much as you can. The chef will stop sending the food only when you tell him to stop. The staff is in the kitchen and front of the house is very friendly. It was a great experience to photograph a brand new restaurant and have some great food as well. I love the perks with this job. I really enjoyed spending my time photographing the restaurant interior and food. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

ladyrare - November 28, 2011 - 1:30 pm

Some kitchen… looks fabulous especially with the Masala Dosa Will have to arrange a visit soon

Scherry Commissariat - November 28, 2011 - 2:06 pm

Very lovely looking restaurant, Mr. Todi……..and the photographs are great, Mr. Kapoor! Goodluck to you both!!

Gail Simons - November 29, 2011 - 11:15 am

Looking at your restaurant and incredible photographs has made me ravenous !! I, who simply cannot eat breakfast or anything before noon, can hardly wait to visit Mr Todiwala’s in ten days time.

This MUST be paradise.

Diana Brangwyn - November 29, 2011 - 6:17 pm

Wow! What a fabulous new setting for your wonderful cuisine.
Love the elephant. All best wishes for your continued success.

Chris Harrison - November 30, 2011 - 10:58 am

What a fantastic looking Restaurant and a lot closer to our location , can see a visit in the near future

Perzid Daruwala - November 30, 2011 - 12:26 pm

Enchanting Haveli ambience.
Best Wishes Chef.

Jamsheed Todiwala - November 30, 2011 - 1:27 pm

Dear Mr Nitin Kapoor,

You have done a fabulous job photographing my dad’s restaurant. I still haven’t seen it yet as i’m in bombay, but for the first time i can get a full experience of the feeling and vibe of the restaurant. You’ve shot this v.well..My dad told me this is ur passion, and its very visible :-)

all the best, great work.

Minoo and Daulat Kapadia - December 6, 2011 - 10:28 am

We wish you both, Pervin and Cyrus all the best in your latest venture. Will definitely come to enjoy the food and all.


I had never been to Hammersmith Bridge until Minal asked me if we can do a pre wedding shoot at The Hammersmith Bridge. The bridge is absolutely stunning. I just loved being there. Minal and Raj are a great couple. I had a lovely time photographing them. A lot of couple are quiet stiff when it comes to facing the camera in public for the first time, Minal and Raj were just natural. I didn’t have to make any efforts to pose them. It was just fun. I’m looking forward to their wedding next year. Here are some of the pictures I love from the day.



Mili - November 26, 2011 - 9:36 am

Hi Nitin,
I don’t know where to stop appreciating you. I can’t see any line demarcating your work and perfection. So three cheers and keep treating us with such splendid captures!!


Laura is a great friend and was the General Manager at the restaurant I used to work in. It was a pleasure working with her. Laura is now getting married to David and I feel so proud that I’m getting to photograph her wedding.

Laura works in one of the offices in Tower 42. I first met her and David at Rhodes 24 in its bar. Rhodes 24 is one of the finest restaurants in the town and is owned by Chef Gary Rhodes, one of the finest chefs in the country. The view from the restaurant’s bar was just breath taking. On 24th floor of the building with breath taking views of the city.

30 St. Mary Axe also known as Gherkin tower was right opposite to where we were sitting. What a fantastic view. I loved every moment of it. I think it was 30th floor, where one of the office space was vacant and I spent some time photographing Laura and David. Here are some of the pictures I love from the day.


Wedding Photography at Fulham Palace was a great experience. It was my first wedding here and I just loved it.  It used to be the residence of Bishops of London in the past but now it is the heritage property and one of the finest venues in London.

It was a great day and a very nice couple – Cindy and Darwyn. The wedding took place at St. Osmunds Church on Castelnau in Barnes. For the first time I came across a vicar who was very strict. I was strictly told not to photography once the ceremony starts. This was for the first time any priest has told me not to photography during the ceremony. But no regrets, I got some really good photographs throughout the day.

The guitar was playing at the courtyard in the Fulham Palace, all the guests had been called in for dinner, Cindy and Darwyn were alone in the courtyard. They danced to the tune of the guitar. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the day.

This is for the first time we set up a photo booth during the wedding. It was great fun.

I really had a great time photographing a lovely couple.


Ceremonial Venue :         St. Osmunds Church, Barnes

Reception Venue:             Fulham Palace

Wedding Dress :               Caroline Castigliano

Make up :                           Roisin Kinch

Shoes:                                 Gina

Flowers:                             Gill Pike

Catering                             Food Show

Here are some of the pictures from the day that I love.


Gill Pike Florist - October 25, 2011 - 10:47 am

Wow, amazing photos, I love my flowers! Gill Pike Florist

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